Friday, April 01, 2005

Photo of LTG Buckner with Admirals Nimitz and Spruance at Yontan Airfield Posted by Hello


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The Sixth Marine Division reached the Yontan airfield on the heights over Torii Beach within six hours of the initial landings. The field was deserted except for some dummy aircraft and guns. Bevan Cass, in his history of the Sixth Division, relates:

"That evening, as the Marines were cooking their suppers, a Japanese plane circled the field, swung seaward, then turned back to a smooth landing. The pilot cut his motor, wriggled out of his parachute pack, climbed down and started to walk away in full view of the Marines; then halted in amazement and reached for his pistol as he noted signs of the field's change of ownership. It was the last thing he ever did. As one Marine inspected the bullet-riddled plane he remarked philosophically, "Well, there's always that ten percent that doesn't get the word.'"

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