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Ken at Moskala Training Center dedication

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June 1, 2005

Walk in the Footsteps of American Heroes

Torii Station, June, 2005

The month of June, 2005 marks the sixtieth anniversary of the battle of Okinawa. During that ninety-day ordeal over twelve thousand Americans lost their lives in the greatest land and sea battle in American military history. Casualties on the Japanese military side, and among innocent Okinawan civilians, exceeded two hundred thousand. Among the American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who fought here, uncommon valor was a common virtue: twenty-three Medals of Honor were awarded to American military personnel for their service and sacrifice during the battle of Okinawa.

This June a small number of American veterans of the battle of Okinawa will return to this island, where the guns have been silent for sixty years, to remember their fallen comrades and to rejoice in the six decades of freedom purchased at such a terrible cost. Torii Station is proud to welcome these great Americans, and will observe the anniversary with a month-long special display at the Torii Library and with several special events in June. On 17 June we will host a visit by Marine Corps veterans who landed at Torii Beach with the First and Sixth Marine Divisions. On 22 June we will dedicate the newly-renovated Torii training center to PFC Edward J. Moskala, who earned his Medal of Honor while serving with the 96th Infantry Division at Kakazu Ridge. Surviving members of his division will dedicate a plaque in his memory, and attend a special retreat ceremony. On June 24th our Army Veterans will visit the place where Lieutenant General Simon Buckner was killed in battle, and will lay a wreath at the LTG Buckner memorial marker.

The battle of Okinawa exhibit at the Torii Library, which includes rare 1945 newspapers and maps and some of LTG Buckner’s personal belongings, is open from Tuesdays through Saturdays from 1000 to 1900 hours. To schedule groups of more than six, or for a guided tour, please call library director Deon Grinnell at 644-4468.

For more information on Torii Station’s tribute to the battle of Okinawa veterans call Plans and Operations Officer John Beusse at 644-4937 or email

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