Sunday, March 06, 2005

Dinner in the jockey club at Happy Valley Posted by Hello


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Normally we don't take guided tours; we buy a guidebook and a local public transportation pass like the Octopus Card and find our own way. But a week before we went to Hong Kong I signed us up on the web for a Wednesday night tour with dinner at the Happy Valley race track in Hong Kong. It cost about US$62 each, including a fantastic buffet with duck, lamb and oysters and all the Warsteiner beer you could drink all evening. A mini-bus picked us up at a nearby hotel at 5:30 pm and took us to the Jockey Club's private dining room overlooking the track. We had our own box outside, a private betting window, and a trip to the paddock during the evening races. We left about 10:30 pm. See the link to Grey Line Tours.

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