Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sling load drops off Torii Beach

Army fire rescue searched for the car on 14 December

Yomitan Fisheries Assn. found it on 15 December
photo by Yomitan Fisheries Assn

Army personnel recovered the wreck on 20 December Posted by Picasa


Blogger Ken&Alice said...

On 13 December a Marine CH53 helicopter picked up a sling loaded wrecked car from Torii's LZ Renegade to transport it to an Air Force target site. The car, which had been purged of all fluids, dropped from the helicopter into the sea
shortly after takeoff. The first newspaper shows Army fire and environmental personnal searching for the car on 14 December. Bad weather forced a stop to the search.

On 15 December the Yomitan Fisheries Association found the wreck, took photos and marked it with a buoy.

On 20 December Army divers rigged the wreck for lift and it was hoisted aboard an LCM for transport to Naha Port. A USMC accident investigation to determine the cause is underway.

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